Wondering how to transfer videos from iPhone to PC Windows 10? It is a common dilemma most Apple device users face. It is possible that you own a Windows PC as well as an iPhone but to transfer the data can be an issue. Thus, we have curated a list of possible easy ways you can transfer videos from iPhone to PC efficiently.

Various ways to Transfer Videos from iPhone to PC –

1. Transfer Videos from iPhone to PC using USB Cable

The most common way to transfer videos from iPhone to PC is through USB Cable. Below steps shows how to do so.  

Step 1 : Connect your iPhone to PC using USB Cable, make sure your iPhone is Turned ON and Unlocked.

Step 2 : In case there is a pop on your iPhone to trust the connected device, Tap on ‘Trust’ to connect with PC.

get icloud from microsoft store

Step 3 : Now on your PC, When your iPhone is detected. Then Open ‘File Explorer’ on your PC and Select ‘This PC’ option from the left sidebar and locate your iPhone to Right-Click on it. Then Select ‘Import Pictures and Videos’ option from there.

login to icloud drive

Step 4 : Later Select ‘Review, organise and group items to import’ option and Click ‘Next’ button to continue.

icloud downloads

Step 5 : Here, select the Videos to transfer and Click ‘Import’ to start.

Alternatively, after you iPhone is detected on PC. You can Open ‘File Explorer’ and Follow this path: This PC > ‘Your iPhone’ > Internal Storage > DCIM, and copy paste the videos from iPhone to folder on PC.

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2. Transfer videos from iPhone to PC using iCloud Photos

Another easy solution for how to move the videos from your iPhone to PC is by using the iCloud Photos option. Follow below steps to transfer videos from iPhone to PC using iCloud.

Step 1 : Open the ‘Settings’ app on your iPhone and Tap on ‘Your Name’. On the new window Tap on ‘iCloud’ from the options and then Turn ON or enable ‘iCloud Photo’ option.

Step 2 : Download and install iCloud app on your Windows PC from the Microsoft Store, then launch the app on PC and Sign In with Same Apple ID as the one on your iPhone.

Step 3 : On the iCloud main window, Next to Photos options Click on the ‘Options’ button and Select ‘iCloud Photo Library’. On the new window Check box of ‘Download new photos and Videos to my PC’ option and Click on ‘Done’.  Finally Click on ‘Apply’ to transfer.

Step 4 : Now you can access all the transferred videos from your iPhone on PC following this path : ‘File Explorer’ > ‘This PC’ > iCloud Photos’ > ‘Downloads’.

Step 5 : Instead of downloading the iCloud App on your PC, you can access videos from the iCloud website and login with the same Apple ID. then select the videos you want to transfer and simply download them onto your PC.

3. Transfer videos from iPhone to PC using Photos App

Not many know that you can use Photos App on your Windows PC, to import videos from iPhone to PC. Applicable on the Windows PC running on Windows 8 or later through Photos App.

Step 1 : First Connect your iPhone to Windows PC using USB Cable and make sure it is Turned ON and Unlocked with password.

Step 2 : On your iPhone if you see a prompt to ‘Trust This Computer’ after connecting to PC, Tap on ‘Trust or Allow’ to continue.

Step 3 : Now on your PC, Open Photos App either from the ‘Start’ button or Search for it from the Search box.

Step 4 : On the Photos App, Select ‘Import’ button from top and Click on ‘From a connected device’ option.

iphone video to pc

Step 5 : Wait till all the video and photos are detected from the iPhone and then Select the videos you want to import. Select the location to save the imported videos from iPhone when prompted.

4. Transfer videos from my iPhone to PC using a third-party app

There are plenty of third-party applications available to help you transfer data from iPhone to PC or Mac easily and one such versatile app is EaseUS MobiMover. Which helps you take backup or transfer photos, videos and many more from your iPhone to either Windows PC or Mac easily with the click of a button.

Step 1 : Download and Install EaseUS MobiMover app onto your PC from its official website.

Step 2 : Using USB cable connect your iPhone to PC and When prompted on your iPhone Click ‘Trust’ to trust the connected system.

Step 3 : Launch EaseUS MobiMover app on your PC, and Select ‘Phone to PC’ option from the left sidebar menu. And Click the ‘Next’ blue button to continue.

phone to pc via imobiemover easeus

 Step 4 : Here on the new window, Select the checkbox for the category or categories you want to transfer files from iPhone to PC. And you can change the location to save videos on the PC from the default location on the desktop as well.

choose data to transfer iphone to pc

 Step 5 : Make sure the Checkbox above Videos is enabled and Click on the ‘Transfer’ button at the bottom to start transferring videos to PC from iPhone.

imobiemover easeus for transfer iphone videos

5. Transfer Videos from iPhone to PC using other Cloud Storage

Another possible easy solution to transfer videos from your iPhone to PC is through cloud storages like Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive etc. You can download and install your preferred cloud storage from the App Store, and upload the videos you want to transfer to PC to the cloud storage. Now from your PC, open the Cloud Storage website and login with the same account details to access the uploaded videos and download them.

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Q1. Why Can’t I Transfer Videos From iPhone To PC?

There could be various reasons for not being able to transfer Videos from your iPhone to PC, follow above given various methods to transfer Videos from your iPhone to PC easily.

Q2. How do I transfer large files from iPhone to computer?

There are various ways you can transfer large files from your iPhone to Computer. Go through above given methods to transfer large files between iPhone and Computer easily.

Q3. Is there an AirDrop app for PC?

Unfortunately the AirDrop app is exclusive for Apple devices and is not available for Windows PC. Although you can get a third party app like “” to transfer files between your Apple devices to PC.

Conclusion –

It’s a myth that transferring data between iPhone and Windows PC is a complicated process. As shown above, different ways you can easily move videos, photos and other data from your iPhone to PC and vice versa as well. Choose the most convenient methods depending on your requirements from the above list.

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