Windows PCs tend to encounter issues related to displays while playing a game or running a high graphics intensive application. The common issues might be frozen screen, flickering display, the infamous blue screen or unplayable screen lag while playing games and many more, these issues are most likely caused due to graphics card. Sometimes these issues get resolved by simply rebooting your system. Since restarting would reload most of the files back again and remove cache files like a fresh clean start. But other times you need to consider resetting the graphics card to resolve the issue. If you want to learn how to reset your PC graphics card, read this post.

How to Reset Graphics Card on Windows on 11 In Different Ways?

If you wish to learn how to reset graphics card on Windows 11, you can follow below given methods depending upon your issue, one of the methods would be the solution. Some methods are very quick keyboard shortcut keys, some need a bit of technical knowledge to perform. But either ways follow the below given steps to safely reset your PC Graphics card.

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Solution 1 : Using Keyboard shortcut keys

Using the reset graphics card shortcut is the quick way of resetting graphics card on your Windows 11 is by simultaneously pressing: Windows key + Ctrl + Shift + B keys on your keyboard.

This will restart your display drivers and reset the graphics card on the device. This keyboard shortcut will not affect any running apps or any games while performing the Windows reset for graphics card. The screen will blink for a sec and might hear a beep sound to confirm the action.  

Solution 2 : Reinstall graphics card driver

Graphics card driver is the medium to communicate between the software and hardware. If you are facing issues with the PC graphics, you must check the driver for it. Another easy way to learn how to reset a graphics card on Windows 11 is by uninstalling and reinstalling the graphics card driver. Follow given steps below to uninstall and reinstall graphics card :

  1. Right-Click on the Start button on your Taskbar, and Click on Device Manager from the options list.
    Device Manager in Windows 11 list
  2. Now you can identify and then double-Click on the ‘Display adapters’ from the list.
    Display adapter in windows 11
  3. Then Right-Click on ‘Your system Graphics card’ and Select ‘Uninstall device’ option.
    uninstall device graphic driver reset
  4. When prompted to confirm the action, Enable ‘Attempt to remove driver for this device’ option and then Click on ‘Uninstall’ button at the bottom.
  5. Wait till the uninstallation process is completed,and later restart your system. Windows will automatically reinstall the graphics card driver for you.

Solution 3 : Update graphics card driver

Usually a simple driver update can reset your graphics card on Windows 11. There are many ways to update graphics drivers on Windows 11, either you can go to the graphics card manufacturer official support website and search for your graphics card latest drivers to download or you can use a third-party tool to automatically locate and download all the drivers for your system.

Below are the steps show you how to update graphics card driver using Windows 11 builtin utility  :

  1. Go to the Start button on Taskbar and right click, this list will show Device Manager from the menu. Click on it.
  2. Go to the ‘Display adapters’ option and click to see the list.
  3. Now Right-Click on ‘Your system graphics card’ and Select ‘Update driver’ option from the dropdown.
  4. When prompted to either search automatically or browse the location on your system,  Select ‘Search automatically for drivers’ option.
  5. Later follow the onscreen instructions to finish the process.

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Solution 4 : Using BIOS settings

Another possible way to Reset Graphics cards on Windows 11 is from BIOS settings, which is a bit technical for some. But if you follow the below given steps diligently, you can easily reset Graphics card using BIOS settings on your system :

  1. Restart your System, and depending on your PC motherboard manufacturer you have to tap either F2, F10, F12, or delete keys on your keyboard while the system is rebooting to open BIOS.
  2. When BIOS is launched you will see a dropdown menu on the screen, Select ‘Advanced Chipset Features’ option from the dropdown list.  Navigate using keys on the keyboard and make selection and then Press Enter to Select.
  3. Now you will see the window appearing on your screen, choose ‘Video BIOS Cacheable’.
  4. Use “+” and “-” keys to change the settings to be ‘Enabled’.
  5. Now Press F10 on your keyboard, then Select ‘Yes’ when prompted and Press Enter to reset the BIOS cache.

Conclusion –

No matter what may be the reasons to reset graphics card on your Windows 11, you can follow the above given ways to easily reset your graphics card. We find the reset graphics card shortcut to be the most handy and if you are aware of the device drivers’ update that’s also easy and helpful. Hopefully, after resetting your graphics card following the above steps would resolve any issues you are facing. Even after resetting your graphics card the issues are persistent then you should consider getting help from the graphics card manufacturer.

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