The primary objective of Zip files is to reduce space consumption on the drive. However the best use case for Zip files is to send multiple files and folders over emails and transfer data. And to share any confidential files over password encrypted Zip files. But how to recover Zip Files password when you forgot or lost it, we have provided 3 easy ways you can recover zip file password.                              

Is it possible to recover the Zip File Password ?

Zip files do provide a basic password protection to secure your files and folders.There are walk around in case you forgot the password or lost it by chance. You can recover the zip file passwords by various simple hacks or get a professional password recovery tool or use an online tool.

Methods to Recover Zip File Password –

Method 1 : Recover Zip File Password Using NotePad

Using Notepad on your Windows system you can recover Zip file password easily, follow below given steps to know how : “This method works on the numeric passwords

  1. Right-Click on the Zip file you want to recover the password and Click on ‘Open with’ option from the menu then Select ‘Choose another app’ option at the bottom.
  2. Now on the new window, locate and select Notepad and Click ‘Ok’ to open the file.
  3. On the Notepad, here find and change the keyword ‘ Ûtà ‘ on the second line to ‘ 5³tà’ ‘ and save the changes to the file.
  4. You can open the Zip file, no password is required now.

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Method 2 : Recover Zip File Password Using Online tool

Another easy way to recover Zip File Passwords is using an online tool, without requiring installation of any password recovery software on your system. You can find plenty of such websites online which help you recover zip file password instantly, one such online website is LostMyPass, which helps you recover zip file password. Below steps shows how to use the LostMyPass website to recover a zip file password.

  1. Launch your favourite web browser on your system, and go to this link :
    zip password recovery online
  2. Now drag n drop the zip file you want to recover password from in to the drop file box on website or click on the ‘Click here’ button to select zip file and upload.
  3. And once the zip file is uploaded, then follow on screen instruction to initiate the recovery process. Later when it is completed, download the unlocked zip file to open on your system without password.

The big concern with this method is that you have to upload the zip file online, which is not always a secure way to recover passwords. Use this method if you want to recover the password of not so important or confidential zip files.

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Method 3 : Recover Zip File Password Using Password Recovery Tool

If you don’t want to upload your confidential zip file online and expose it to others, then using a password recovery tool on your system is the safest bet. One such easy password recovery software is Passper for ZIP, which helps you break passwords on many archive formats. Follow below steps to recover zip file password using Passper for ZIP tool on your system.

  1. Download and install Passper for ZIP from its official website on your Windows PC.
  2. After the installation process is over, Launch the app from the Start menu.
  3. Now Click on the ‘Add’ button to import the zip file to recover the password from and Click ‘Recover’ button.
    passper for zip tool to recover zip password
  4. Then from the recovery method section, Select the attack mode best suiting your zip file preferences. And Click ‘Next’.
    unlock zip file with passper
  5. Wait till the recovery process is over, and the recovered password will be displayed.

This is the safest and quickest way you can recover a zip file password without needing to upload online.


Q1. Is it possible to recover the Zip file password ?

Fortunately yes, in case you lost or forgot the zip file password then there are effective ways to recover the password. Follow above given methods to recover zip file passwords.

Q2. How do I bypass a password on a Zip file ?

You can bypass a password on a zip file either by using a notepad on windows or get a password recovery tool. Both these methods are given above for you to follow.

Q3. Can Zip passwords be cracked ?

Yes, a basic password on the zip files can be recovered by using various methods. Check these methods above to recover passwords.

Conclusion –

Zip files are a great way to reduce the storage space for files and folders and much more useful if you want to send many files and folders over email attachments. And, yes the password protected Zip files provide a basic protection. But in case you forgot or lost the password to open zip files then follow above given methods to recover password.

Note: We Didn’t Guarantee that these tools 100% accurate or able to recover your Zip file password. We tried all the method and somehow these method works but still we can’t give guarantee for 100% recovery.

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