Regretting deleting your Facebook messages? Trying to recover accidentally deleted Facebook messages? Luckily there are various ways you can recover deleted Facebook messages. Here we have provided a few easy methods to try for you.

Can I recover deleted Facebook messages?

Fortunately it is possible to recover all your deleted Facebook messages that you accidentally deleted and regretted deleting. Depending on a few factors you can restore deleted Facebook messages from archives, email notifications, downloaded Facebook information or data recovery apps.

Different Ways To Recover Deleted Facebook Messages –

Method 1: Recover from Archived Conversations.

There is a good chance that you might have archived the conversation instead of deleting it, since deleting messages on Facebook takes a couple of steps and warnings before doing the same. To recover messages from the archive section of Facebook follow below steps –

Step 1 : Launch web browser on your System and open Facebook website. Then login after providing credentials.

Step 2 : Now Click on the ‘Messenger’ icon at the top right corner and Select ‘See all in Messenger’ option.

facebook messanger bar

Step 3 : Then Click on the Three vertical dots at the top and Select ‘Archived chats’ option from the dropdown.

facebook archive chat

Step 4 : Here go through the list and Select the messages you want to recover.

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Method 2: Recover from message notification emails.

In case you have enabled email notifications for messages on your Facebook account then you can easily search for the deleted messages from your email inbox. Search for the particular deleted Facebook messages using a keyphrase or scrolling through all the notification emails you are looking for in your email inbox and retrieve the lost conversation from there on.

Method 3: Recover from Downloaded Facebook Information.

If you have not enabled email notifications but have downloaded your personal information using the ‘Download Your Information’ feature from Facebook before deleting messages you want to recover now, then you can easily find those lost messages from the downloaded files. However, if you try to recover deleted messages from the downloaded data files from Facebook after deleting the messages then those messages will not be available anymore. Follow below steps to recover deleted Facebook messages from Downloaded Facebook information

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Step 1 : Navigate and Locate the Downloaded Facebook information zip file on your System and Unzip the archive file to extract all the folders.

facebook information downloaded

Step 2 : Now Open the Messages Folder inside the extracted folder, and look for your_messages.html file.

messages saved in your pc from downloaded information facebook

Step 3 : Then Double-Click on your_messages.html file to open on the web browser and Click on the conversation you want to restore. You can see all the messages in the conversation until the Facebook information was created.

your messages file in backup

For future safety and precaution consider downloading Facebook information as a backup, follow below steps for how to download your Facebook information.

Step 1 : Open the web browser on your System and navigate to the Facebook website. And Login to your account providing your credentials.

settings and privacy in facebook

Step 2 : Click on the Down arrow button at top right corner of your Facebook account, and Select Settings & Privacy option from dropdown. Then Click on the ‘Settings’ option from the list.

settings in facebook for messages

Step 3 : Now Click on ‘Your Facebook Information’ from the left side bar menu, and Click on ‘View’ button next to ‘Download Your Information’ section.

Step 4 : Here Set Format to ‘HTML’, Media quality to ‘High’ and Date range ‘All time’, then make sure all the options are enabled by Clicking the ‘Select All’ button.

request your facebook message download

Step 5 :  Then scroll down till bottom of the page and Click on ‘Request a download’ blue button. Facebook will take time to create a zip file copy of all your information to download and notify you when its ready to download.

request download data from facebook

Method 4: Recover from Android file manager

 Another possible way to recover deleted Facebook messages for Android users is by going through the messenger app’s cache using File Manager. However, for iOS users it is much more difficult to recover deleted messages using File Manager, but using an iPhone data recovery messages can be recovered. Sometimes if you have not cleared Facebook messenger app’s cache then you can recover deleted messages from digging deep inside as shown below.

Step 1 : Open File Manager app on your Android Phone, if you don’t have then get one from Play Store.

Step 2 : Navigate to Internal Storage > Android > data > com.Facebook.orca > cache > fb_temp.

Step 3 : Inside the folder you will find messages from recent history, here you can find your deleted messages.

Method 5: Recover from the Recipients of the conversations.

If none of the above methods worked for you to recover deleted Facebook messages then as a last resort you can always ask the recipient of the messages on the other side. Fortunately the messages are only deleted from your side, they still remain on the other side of recipients unless they have also deleted them. So simply ask them for a screenshot of the conversation or resend it back to you by copy pasting.

Final Words –

You need not have to be sulking anymore for accidental messages deleted or regretting deleting any messages, now that you know how to recover deleted Facebook messages. Try all the given options from above, surely one of the methods will help you recover deleted Facebook messages. Don’t forget to create a Facebook information backup just as a precaution for the future as shown above.

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