Steps-by-Step guide for how to record google meet meeting with audio. There are multiple process to record google meet meeting let us read the article to record on google meet.

Nowadays video confessing and virtual meetings replaced the traditional meeting methods. Due to coronavirus, still many companies, colleges, schools etc. Remotely working. Employee attending meetings virtually, students take classes on google meet also.

Due to this coronavirus pandemic, everyone started work from home culture or online classes. To support this activity google make free it is one of the best software google meet for everyone. So everyone started to use google met and also looking for google meet recording option. We know that meetings or online lecture are very important and sometime we want to watch again to make this easy here we are explain you how to record google meet meeting with audio without any hassle.

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How to Record Google Meet:

Recording google meet meeting is not so difficult task but as we know that from default feature in google meet everyone can’t recording because google meet recording feature only available for organization users only. If you are using free google account then you need to use another software to record google meet. So here are the process to how to record meeting on google meet.

Steps to Record Google Meet with Audio without host permission

As per best practice, it is good to inform other that you are planning to record google meet with audio so let us start the process.

Step 1: First, you need to install EaseUs RecExperts video recording software to record google meet

Step 2: Download the software from here and install it first.

Step 3: Now Launch the EaseUs RecExperts and run it for recording. You can adjust recording area and voice control also.

EaseUs Rec Experts

Step 4: Now launch the google meet and join your meeting which you want to record for later use

Step 5: To record google meet with audio press the record icon in EaseUs RecExperts

Step 6: Now your google meet meeting stated to record on your PC/Laptop/Mac

Step 7: Once your meeting ends stop the recording and it will automatically save in your video folder under the RecExperts

Step 8: You successfully recorded google meet meeting on windows/mac

These steps help users to record their online classes, video lectures, or other important video on google meet. Many students and users have similar problem to record google meet with audio but now this problem also solved.

If you like, these steps please comment us below and share this article to others. Wait! Article did not over yet. If you do not want to use any other software while recording meeting on google meet here are the steps for you

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How to Record Google Meet Meeting without any software

To record google meet meetings without any software you must have access to organization account. Let us start the process for how to record meeting in google meet

Step 1: Open Google Meet first

Step 2: Join your meeting and click on activities icon at the bottom side

Step 3: Now click on recordings, start recording then Start

Step 4: Wait for recording to start and now other participant notify when recording start/stop

Step 5: When your meeting is over click on stop recording and confirm again to stop the recording

Step 6: Your google meet recording file will be saved on your google drive folder meeting organizers so you can easily share this recording to other participant also.

These steps will help you to record google meet meeting without any software. However, other participant notify when you start the recording. If you want to record google meet without knowing other participant then you must use other method, which we discuss earlier. If you want to record google meet on your phone let us check it the steps below.

How to Record Google Meet on Android

Google meet is free for everyone and now android users can use google meet on their phone without installing the app. You can join any meeting in google meet app from Gmail app. Here are the steps to record google meet on android phone

Step 1:  Open Google Meet App or join meeting directly

Step 2: In meeting you will need to click on more icon in lower toolbar

Step 3: Now Click on Start recording button

Step 4: Confirm again and your meeting will be recorded and other user also notify  that you are recording the meeting

Step 5: End recording when you done with meeting. It will be saved in your google drive folder

Note: Some of user still not getting the in-built recording option so they can use any android screen recording apps with audio support to record google meet in android.


Google meet is now a part of our day-to-day life. An average student currently spent more than 5 hours on google meet or some similar kind of application. Therefore, for better notes and revise chapter you can record google meet easily. We recommended that you used google meet on laptop with EaseUS RecExperts Screen recorder tool.

If you have any questions please comment below!.

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