Wondering how to save Photos or an entire album from your Facebook account to your computer or phone? Or do you just want to take a backup of all your photos from Facebook ? Either way, trying to download each photo individually would take a considerable amount of time and effort. Thus we have provided easy methods you can follow to download Facebook Photos Album.

How to download Single Facebook Photo?

To save a single photo from Facebook is a straightforward affair, you can save the photo on both desktop website and from mobile facebook app.

download facebook single photos

  • From Desktop app or Website – Login to your Facebook account on your favourite web browser and Open the Photo you want to download. Now Click on ‘Three-vertical-dots’ icon to open Menu and Click on ‘Download’ option.
  • For Mobile device app – Launch Facebook app on your phone, Open the Photo you want to save. Then Tap on the ‘three-dot’ icon and Select ‘Save to Phone’ option for Android or Select ‘Save Photo’ option for iOS.

Note : Whether you are allowed to download  a photo or you need permission entirely  depends on the Photo post owner’s Facebook photo Privacy Settings.

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How to download Facebook Album at once ?

Facebook provides an easy way to download a Photo Album at once from your profile with few steps. Although to download albums at once you can only do it on desktop websites, not available on mobile apps.

download facebook album

  1. Launch your favourite web browser, and navigate to facebook website. Login to your account providing credentials.
  2. When your Facebook account opens. Click on ‘Your Profile Name’ from the left sidebar menu, and Click on ‘Photos’ tab on top.
  3. Now Click on the ‘Albums’ tab option and Open the Album you want to download at once.
  4. Click on the ‘Three-dots’ icon button at the right-corner next to the album name. And Select ‘Download Album’ option.
  5. When prompted for confirmation, Click on ‘Continue’ to start downloading the album.
  6. Facebook will take time to create a downloadable zip file of the album and notify you. Once the Zip file is ready to download, Go to Notifications, provide your account password and Click ‘Continue’ to download the zip file.

The downloaded Zip file will contain folders with contents from the album in entire and you can extract the zip file to a folder and access them.

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How to download Entire Facebook Profile data ?

Another flexible feature Facebook provides is that you can download your entire profile data including all the photos that you have uploaded.

From Desktop app or website –

  1. Launch your favourite web browser, and navigate to facebook website. Login to your account providing credentials.
  2. When your Facebook account opens. On the top right corner of the screen, Click on the down arrow on the profile picture. Now Select ‘Settings and Privacy’ option and then Click on ‘Settings’ button.
    visit to facebook settings
  3. On the new window, Click on the ‘Your Facebook Information’ tab from the left sidebar. Then locate the ‘Download Your Information’ option and Click on the ‘View’ button at the end.
    download your facebook all album
  4. Now on the new window, Click on the ‘Download Your Information’ blue button again for a pop-up window to appear.
    download your information on facebook
  5. On the Pop-up window for Download Your Information, Select the ‘ Request a download’ button in the centre.
    request to download your facebook data
  6. On the next pop-up window, Click on ‘Select types of information’ option to continue.
    select information which to download
  7. On the Select Information pop-up window, Checkmark ‘Posts’ option and Click on ‘Next’ Button at bottom.
    download all your posts
  8. On to the select file options, Select your Date range to All time, Format to HTML and Media Quality to High. And then Click on the ‘Submit request’ button.
    choose date range and download facebook photos
  9. Depending on the number of posts size, Facebook will take time to create a Zip file folder including all the photos you have posted. Once the file is ready to download, Facebook will notify you. You can download the zip file after providing account password onto your computer.

The Downloaded Zip file will contain all the photos you have posted on your profile, all the albums and neatly named under each sub folders. You can extract the Zip file to access them easily.

Note : You can follow the similar steps shown above to download Facebook profile data on your phone through Facebook app also.

How to download Facebook photos using third-party applications ?

There are various third-party applications available as well as browser extensions to help you download photos or albums from Facebook easily. You can check out Multi Downloader for Facebook available for Android device. Similarly you can try Google Chrome Extension like DownAlbum on your Computer to download photos or albums from Facebook.


Q1. How do you download multiple pictures at once on Facebook?

Facebook provides options to download multiple pictures at once either by Downloading the entire Photo Album or Downloading entire Facebook profile data. Follow above given methods for more details.

Q2. Can you download someone else’s Facebook photo album?

Depending on the Photo post owner’s Facebook photo privacy settings, you can download their photo album or ask for permission.

Q3. How do I transfer pictures from Facebook to my computer?

You can transfer pictures from Facebook to your Computer by downloading albums at once or request for downloading profile data including post photos.


Personal privacy is of highest importance for the modern online world, protecting self from various threats and malicious attacks. That’s why it is important to take backup of your Facebook account which would help in future immensely. So start by downloading facebook albums first and then learn to download other personal data back from Facebook. Utilising the Facebook provided options you can either download single photos or download photo albums entirely as shown above.

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