An ideal Snipping tool would let you take a screenshot of a whole screen or a part of it, depending on your requirements and then offer editing features including annotations. Apple does provide a built-in utility with macOS, which lets you take screenshots easily but with limited functionality. However, there are many third-party snipping tools available for Mac which provide versatile functionality including screen recording and extensive editing options like annotations, markup, trim, crop etc. We have curated a list of best Snipping tools for Mac which can be used to take screenshots along with screen recording, editing features and sharing options.

7  Best Snipping Tools For Mac –

Below is a list of seven best Snipping Tools for Mac, which support various functionality and multiple editing & annotation features. Some of them are free and open source and some are paid versions for added features.

1. Lightshot

lightshot screen capture tool for mac

Top of the list for best snipping tools for Mac is Lightshot, an excellent free, open source screenshot and screen recording tool. This lightweight utility is extremely quick in functionality and supports a comprehensive list of editing features to annotate, crop, trim, markup and many more. After taking a screenshot you can either upload to the cloud server and get a sharable link or you can save it on your local hard drive.

Highlights –

  • Free and open source snipping tool.
  • Very lightweight and quick utility.
  • Simple and user friendly interface.
  • Comprehensive editing features.

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2. Snagit

snagit snip too for mac

Down the list of Mac snipping tools is Snagit, it is among the most popular and very powerful snipping tools for Mac. It provides a huge list of comprehensive features list for all snipping needs and supports even more advanced editing options for screenshots or screen recordings. It’s easy to use interface is simple and clear with few clicks to take screenshots or screen recording along with cross platform compatibility.

Highlights –

  • Most popular and powerful snipping tool.
  • Plethora of features and editing options.
  • Cross platform compatible.
  • Easy to use interface.

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3. SnapNDrag Pro

snapndrag pro screen capture tool for mac

SnapNDrag Pro is another best snipping tool for Mac for its excellent features list including great library organisation, multiple sharing options, advanced edit and annotation tools and easy to use user interface. Its straightforward interface lets you take screenshots in single click and preview the image to add markups or annotations.

Highlights –

  • Great screenshots folder organisation.
  • Straightforward and simple interface.
  • Multiple direct share options.
  • Advanced edit and annotate options.

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4. Monosnap

monosnap take screenshot on mac

Monosnap is another great choice as a snipping tool for Mac, it supports both screen capture and screen recording along with superb editing options like annotations, markup, trimming and many more. You can use Monosnap cloud storage or your preferred cloud storage to upload screenshots or screen recordings. Supports enabling hotkeys to take screen capture or recordings.

Highlights –

  • Simple and easy to use interface.
  • Supports hotkeys to capture.
  • Excellent features lists.
  • Can upload to cloud storage.

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5. Skitch

skitch sniping tool for mac

If you are an avid Evernote user, then Skitch is perfect to improve your productivity. However, you can use Skitch to take highly accurate customisable screen capture on your Mac. Its Free version is more than enough for individual needs with excellent features, you can also purchase the paid version for more added features. It also provides comprehensive editing options along with nice annotation features.

Highlights –

  • Highly compatible with Evernote.
  • Freeware is more than enough.
  • Customisable accurate screen capture.
  • Comprehensive editing and annotation options.

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6. Greenshot

greenshot for mac to capture screen on mac

Greenshot is a very easy and light-weight screenshot utility which is another excellent best snipping tool for Mac. It lets you take screenshots quickly and annotate, highlight or obfuscate the screenshot to export to the internal drive or attach to email. This free snipping tool is easy to use and is very fast to take screenshots to save in various formats according to your preference.

Highlights –

  • Free, simple snipping tool.
  • Quick and lightweight utility.
  • Supports annotate, highlight or obfuscate options.
  • Multiple screenshot export options.

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7. Droplr

droplr for mac to capture screen

Finally last on the list is Droplr, another best Mac snipping tool, which supports all platforms and devices. You can easily take screenshots and screen recordings using Droplr on your Mac, and later provides annotation or markup options as well. It automatically saves your screenshot and screen recordings to the cloud storage and provides a secure sharable link to access.

Highlights –

  • Supports all platforms and devices.
  • Can save screenshots on cloud storage.
  • Both screenshot and screen recording supported.
  • Excellent editing tools options.

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Conclusion –

Snipping tools can be highly useful especially to improve productivity and communication. It comes in handy for many use cases including sharing your thoughts, interactive emails and many more. Although Mac does provide a built-in snipping tool which lets you take screenshots easily but lacks considerably in features and versatility. Now, if you have used a snipping tool on Windows, and wish to learn how to use snipping tool on Mac, getting one of these above-mentioned tools will give you the same experience.

These snipping tools would provide much more features and editing tools such as screen recording, annotations, markups, trimming, crop and many more. Select the one which suits you the best according to your needs.

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